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Taiga is a division of Independent Pharmacy Cooperative.
IPC processes Taiga returns.

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Quality Assurance Statement

Dear Valued Customer,

In order to maintain the integrity of the supply chain, satisfy the requirements of our vendors and comply with applicable lay, IPC requires you ( or your authorized designee) to warrant and represent by your signature below, that the product accompanying this Return Authorization:

  • Is not adulterated or counterfeited (unless the drug is the subject of an FDA or manufacturer recall and is being returned for destruction or subsequent return to the manufacturer).
  • Has Been maintained in compliance with proper conditions for storage and handling, as prescribed on the drug label or manufacturer's package insert, at all times the product has been in your possession, **
  • Was purchased directly from IPC.
  • Includes the exact units purchased pursuant to the referenced corresponding invoice number and does not exceed the quantity sold to you by IPC.

You further warrant and represent that any credit you are requesting does not exceed the actual purchase price of the product. Failure to return a signed copy of the Return Authorization with the returned product and or refusal of credit.

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